Awesome, totally genius: Lesser Matters by The Radio Dept.

The Radio Dept. - Lesser Matters

Instant nostalgia. It might seem odd, but that is basically what Lesser Matters sounds like. The debut album from Swedish pop group The Radio Dept. feels, even from the first listen, like what I imagine it is like rediscover one of your old favourite records after being parted from it for, say, 20 years. Odd indeed.

Combining 13 of the band’s most potent songs (and some of their most brilliant lyrics aswell) to date with a shoegaze production that manages to feel natural and relevant, rather than like something splashed on in the studio post-recording to gain indie cred, Lesser Matters remains the landmark album in the Swedes’ career. Given the quality of both Pet Grief and last year’s Clinging to a Scheme, that is saying quite a lot.

And, yeah. “Too Soon”, “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done”, “Bus”, “1995” and “Strange Things Will Happen” on the same LP. Is it even possible to top that?

The Radio Dept. – “Strange Things Will Happen”

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