A song to keep us warm: “Freeze the Saints” by Stephen Malkmus

If you need the pain
Well you are, yes you are so much like me
Seasons change
Nothing lasts for long
Except the earth and the mountains
So learn to sing along and languish here
Help me languish here

Those four first mentioned lines might not sound to optimistic when put in print, but they are a part of a song that I generally tend to think of as something along the line of cherfulness. “Freeze the Saints” from Face the Truth, the third solo album by the former-former Pavement-singer Stephen Malkmus (they are reunited now, remember?), manages to maintain that pleasant quality of feeling sunny enough to take the listeners’ minds of their troubles while simultaneously¬†avoiding the obnoxious yelping of the twee-abyss.

In other news, I am back from Germany. And I am pissed off at the hipster movement. More on that later, perhaps.

Stephen Malkmus – “Freeze the Saints”

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